download speeds on dial-up versus broadband

  realist 22:11 22 Nov 2005

I currently get download speeds of 4-5 KB/sec on (£15.99 a month) AOL dial-up.
What sort of speeds might be obtainable with the next step up i.e the cheapest (£17.99ish) broadband packages?

  VoG II 22:13 22 Nov 2005

1 Mb/s on 10 Mb/s connection. Interpolate.

  Daveboy 22:23 22 Nov 2005

1/2 meg b/b approx 58 Kb,
1 meg - 110 Kb,
2 meg - 225 Kb.
All vary, these are very acceptable figures.

  wilco33 02:10 23 Nov 2005

lol VoG .. ;-)

  DieSse 10:14 23 Nov 2005

If we all used the correct designations, things would be easier to understand.

b = bits

B = Bytes

  flyingbrit 11:38 23 Nov 2005

As stated, on 512 connection(aol silver) you'll get about 55/60 kb/sec(aprox 10x more than you get now)

  DieSse 12:22 23 Nov 2005

That should read

on a 512kb/sec connection you'll get about 55/60kB/sec - ie kilobytes, not kilobits.

and just for the record

M = Mega (whereas m = milli)

k = kilo (not K)

using the wrong prefixes leads to nonsensical statements.

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