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  Hetti 15:33 26 Nov 2011

Posted Today at 12:03PM

I have just got a new PC Dell Inspiron One with a i7-2600s processor,819mb 133mhz ddr3,2 tb hard drive,1gb nvidia geforce gt52m graphics card with win 7 OS. I have been dissapointed with the speed on this new PC and have been in touch with dell, the agent tested the systen on (I think that was the address)my question is I had to download some files I had saved on Virgin media today and I moniterd the progress, it took 25/30 min to download 354MB and the download screen said " 365 kb/sec" my ISP provides me a 30mb speed. Can anyone tell me if the figures I give are what I can expect from 30 MB speed?, as the Dell agent is calling me back on monday to see if Im happy with the PC. I have only my old laptop to compere new one with and to be honest there is no noticeable difference between them. I did contact Virgin also and they said "internet connection is OK it must be your PC" I have run side by side speed tests from the site above and both my husbands and my old laptop came out way above the new one.

Thoughts on this appriecated

  rdave13 16:15 26 Nov 2011

365 kb/sec converts to 0.356 Mbps which is poor on your 30 Mbps line. Re-check the download speeds on your old laptop and I think it will be the same. Another speed checker to compare, Thinkbroadband.

Sounds like it could be a router, filter or an ISP problem. Check your telephone for 'crackling' noises and also try a router reboot. If you have a spare filter/s then change that. If still no good I'd contact your ISP again.

  rdave13 16:20 26 Nov 2011

BTs quiet line test is to dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test).

  rdave13 16:49 26 Nov 2011

buteman, forgot it was cable. Can't dream of 8 Mbps let alone 30 :(

  spuds 01:13 27 Nov 2011

If the speeds are okay on your old machines, then it as to be your new machine that is the problem. It sounds as though you might have some settings wrong or two or more safeguard programs on the new laptop. Did Dell supply a bundled trial version of an anti program, and you have added another?.

The speedtest's suggested are well known for their accuracy, but you could try JD's Auto Speedtester from, and do a speedtest, plus MTU and tracer tests, on the new and old machines, and then see if the results are the same.

(You may need to type the link into your browser bar, because the PCA website might reject the link because of the lower dash's between Auto _ SpeedTester _ d6879 in the link ?).

  spuds 01:18 27 Nov 2011

Yes it looks like the link was rejected. After JDsAutoSpeedTester_d6879.html

  spuds 01:23 27 Nov 2011

I give up, there should be a _ between JDs and the rest.

  rdave13 01:25 27 Nov 2011
  Hetti 07:35 27 Nov 2011

Thanks all This is complicated so bear with me. Firstly I have been in touch with Virgin, the first agent I spoke with thought it was definatley the Super hub, and arranged for a new one to been sent (will arrive middle of next week). But in the meanwhile a second agent from Virgin called me and said "there is no problem with the Super hub, and I should get in touch with Dell and tell them it is a problem with the PC maybe a software conflict" I did and Dell ran loads of tests with the software that came preinstalled on the new PC his conclusion was the PC is running just fine no problems at all , he also said there was no problem with my download speeds, (he is calling back on monday to see if Im happy with the PC). When Dell ran the speed tests they were getting to 29.05 with and without being hard wired.However he did not try to download a big file. When Virgin ran speed test they were right down to 2.7 on wireless connection but reached 30 wired.

Spuds PC came with Mcafee installed but I had problems with that also, it would not start up and could not be uninstalled eithier, had to get in touch with Dell and an agent uninstalled and reinstalled my own (Kaspersky internet sercurity 2012) So as you can see I have had quiet a few problems since getting this new PC. I think I have answerd all questions as clearly as I can if it is not clear to you please ask me again. OKAY now I will run the tests and post back.

  Hetti 07:36 27 Nov 2011

Forgot to say we did reboot router but problem remains.

  Hetti 07:44 27 Nov 2011

buteman Test results from are download 30389 upload 1063 ..... this was at 7.41 sunday morning. I do have the lastest Jave and flash players installed.

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