download speeds

  nickyjane 18:51 20 Dec 2003

Hi Guys
my os is xp home with a ntl bb speed of 150. When I start a download it always starts at a high speed , about( 33.5 kb/sec ) then slowly drops down to about 13.7kb/sec for the rest of the download. Is this right, can I alter any setting to maintain the higher speed.

  Valvegrid 18:58 20 Dec 2003

That sounds about normal, mine starts at the same speed and drops to about 15 - 19kb/sec, I found lowering the firewall protection on ZoneAlarm from high to medium speeded this up quite a bit. I think it's something to do with NTL pinging the connection and finding I'm on line, otherwise it doesn't know you're there and end up with a slow connection.

  MAJ 18:59 20 Dec 2003

That's normal, nickyjane. 150 is 150 kilobits per second. That's equal to 18.75KB per second maximum that you will get as a download speed.

  nickyjane 19:11 20 Dec 2003

MAJ. That sounds logical, but my normal download speed is only 13.7kb/s , can I increase it to 18.75kb/s

  Jester2K II 19:14 20 Dec 2003

Between your PC and the server you are downloading from is miles of cable. It all depends on the cables condition, the other traffic on the server, background noise, the speed of your modem, driver versions, etc etc

So in a phrase - probably not...

  MAJ 19:16 20 Dec 2003

18.75 KB/s is the theoretical maximum speed, nickyjane, in reality it will be lower due to lots of variables, like the quality of your connection, the contention rate in your area and how many are on your link at the same time etc. etc.

  powerless 19:18 20 Dec 2003

Or click here ignore the bit about a download manager but you could use one and read 1-5.

  MAJ 19:26 20 Dec 2003

And as you can see from Powerless' link, even he has a slow download speed, only 49.4KB/s, nickyjane. ;-)

  nickyjane 19:37 20 Dec 2003

thanks everyone for the info.

  Jester2K II 19:38 20 Dec 2003

You could try click here. It does seem to make things a bit snappier altough there is NO guarentee..

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