Download speed very slow and upload speed normal

  Ymakandy 16:03 07 Mar 2019

Hello i have a problem with WiFi internet speed.

1 week ago i saw significant download speed decrease from 300mb/s to 8-10mb/s via AND UPLOAD SPEED ALWAYS NORMAL - 300mb/s.....

I've tried to change WiFi adaptor, reinstalled all WiFi drivers changed router and nothing helped.

Now when I've tried to connect to a different router and did download speed was 40-50mb/s...

So i am assuming that there is a problem with the router config? I have technicolour router and other devices works perfectly through it, only my computer doesn't work correctly..

Does anyone can help me?

  wee eddie 16:59 07 Mar 2019

Are you the only user in the house. Also, download speed can vary throughout the day, depending on how busy your area is

  difarn 18:44 07 Mar 2019

Have you checked your speed connected by an ethernet cable? Have you checked whether your router is set at 2.5 or 5? If it is on 2.5 change it to 5 to see if that helps.

  Ymakandy 19:13 07 Mar 2019

Through the cable everything is good. If i connect MY computer to other WiFi router my speed is good! There is only 3 devices and even when i had left only my PC speed was 10mb/s...

Other devices have speed of 300mb/s through WiFi... I still think that in Router settings there is something that blocks or slows only my computer... I don't know how :/

  Ymakandy 19:50 07 Mar 2019

How to learn that? Can i found it in the router?

  difarn 21:07 07 Mar 2019

Did you check to see which band your router is set to? If it is on 2.5GHz try changing it to 5 GHz. You will have to get onto the router admin pages to do that.

Your ISP is your Internet Service Provider.

  Ymakandy 21:12 07 Mar 2019

Yes, ive tried both. In 2.4 Ghz speed was 5-6 mb/s in 5Ghz 8-10....

I am from Lithuania, ISP is Telia Global :)

  difarn 22:01 07 Mar 2019

Have you checked to see whether IPv6 or IPv4 is enabled? You should be able to do this by right-clicking on the wifi icon bottom right, open network and sharing centre, click change adapter settings, click on network adapter, properties, uncheck IPv6.

  Ymakandy 10:09 08 Mar 2019

I've tried to uncheck 6 - everything is the same. If i uncheck IPv4 no internet.

ONCE AGAIN, is it possible that computer have a problem IF i connect to other routers and it works perfectly... :/ Maybe it is somekind of a virus that Antivirus cannot find ;/

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