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  OCRIDION 18:25 19 Feb 2012

Why does my router show downstream rate of 1758Kbps but I never get a download rate faster than 250kbps when downloading through a browser etc on any computer. The adapter is Wireless-N on all Network nodes.

I'm thinking maybe the Megebyte and Megabit conspiracy. lol

Windows 7 with IE9 and Chrome on all comuters, No torenting and no active downloading known on any system.

{I would rather not talk to ISP Support about this as all I will get is someone connecting to my computer, doing an online speed test showing im getting 500MBPS or some other random made up number} :)

Thanks guys! Andy

  lotvic 18:45 19 Feb 2012

"router show downstream rate of 1758Kbps" that is your connection speed not your actual download speed.

Actual download speed is always lower and is also dependant upon the speed of the website sending the the download, some sites send at a lower rate than the speed of your connection and info has also to pass through quite a few servers before you get it so it is also ruled by each of the servers speeds.

Do a test on and tell us the results you get.

  OCRIDION 19:05 19 Feb 2012

But I've had internet for years and done lots of downloading on very well known websites, many in the UK. I have never had a single download out of millions I've done be higher than 250kbps.

I understand internet wide choke points but surely there will be some downloads which are actually 'modern speeds'.

It seems a constant choke point, as if the ISP is the choke point and has the route servers connect by dial up.

If ever download ever is capped at that speed then what is the point of a 2mb capable line? Is the internet that bad that I have a better connection than every website out there?

I know people in the same town who get 20x my speed on the same sites.

I'm not asking for faster broadband, im asking for my downloads to use full connection speed. Which is obviously possible if someone a mile away can have it.

  lotvic 21:43 19 Feb 2012

"I have never had a single download out of millions I've done be higher than 250kbps" Where/what gave you this figure?

OK, as you didn't post results of the speedtest recommended -

Are you sure your downloads are only at 250kbps? because 1.71679688 Mbps = 1758 Kbps = 219.75 KBps

I presume you know the difference between Bytes and bits?

  Woolwell 22:59 19 Feb 2012

Are you connecting to your router by wire or wireless?

  OCRIDION 01:19 20 Feb 2012

Wireless, yes, I know the difference between bytes and bits.

Kb is 8 times less than KB. So I could be that my router us in Kb and the Internet Explorer download window is in KB. lol

  spuds 10:39 20 Feb 2012

If you want some 'heavy' reading on broadband and the internet, then this website might have some of the answers

You also state "I'm not asking for faster broadband, i'm asking for my downloads to use full connection speed. Which is obviously possible if someone a mile can have it". I am sorry to say, but it doesn't actually work out like that, and you will need to take this up with your Internet Service Provider or Ofcom.

A case of example. I was getting an average of less than 1.3MB (on a supposed upto 8MB package) when my near neighbours were getting nearer 6MB. Same exchange and virtually same line and equipment. I am now getting an average of 5MB, after causing a bit of a long drawn out fuss.

  Woolwell 12:10 20 Feb 2012

Have you compared speed at your computer when connected by cable to the router and when you are connected by wireless? There could be a significant difference.

  OCRIDION 14:32 20 Feb 2012

I will try that. =)

And Spuds, thanks for the link, but I didn't mean I wanted my connection speed to match my contractual speed (8mb).

I just want my downloads to download at 2mbps, which is what my line can support and what my router says im getting.

  Woolwell 14:47 20 Feb 2012

It is likely that you are losing speed over the wireless connection.

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