Download speed ?

  EARLR 13:49 02 Oct 2008

XP sp 3 FF 3

When downloading files FF says: 57 KB/sec; however Task Mgr. says: .92 % 100 Mbps

I don´t understand they both can´t be correct can they ??


  Jak_1 14:16 02 Oct 2008

One is the connection speed from your pc to the net, the other is the file download speed and that is usually governed by the server speed. A slow server will give you a slower download speed and a fast server a faster download speed. Also contention rates and time of day fall into the equation too.

  EARLR 17:22 02 Oct 2008

But still doesn't explain why ,when downloading zip files, ff3 down loader says 45 min remain and its finished in 10 min.

just that it does not make sense.

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