Download from Sky+ box to Sony Vaio

  Murghalador 10:48 10 Dec 2008


I would like to download recorded programmes from my Sky+ box to my Sony Vaio. I have software like 'click to DVD' etc so expect I can use that but I cannot connect the two systems. My Vaio has a 'S video' and Ilink input but the sky box ouptut is from a Scart socket. Is there an adaptor I can purchase with a Scart at one end and either a Svideo or Ilink on the other? Or can someone suggest another way fo doi his.

Many thanks for your time

  The Brigadier 12:58 10 Dec 2008

I thought Sky+ downloads are encrypted to stop this sought of thing?

  Terminus90 03:15 12 Dec 2008

The only way to do what you are attempting to do is download click here and remove the hard drive from your plus box, install it into your laptop or pc, and follow the instructions on sky's web page.

I do not know of any cable to connect your plus box to your laptop to download movies that you want to .

  smurfling 15:53 13 Dec 2008

Provided the programmes are not encrypted their is a scart to svideo adapter available from Maplins, I have one and it works very well.

  tullie 16:08 13 Dec 2008

Are you saying that you have copied programmes from your sky box without removing the hard drive?

  DieSse 01:04 14 Dec 2008

"My Vaio has a 'S video' and Ilink input"

Are you sure the s-video is an input - they're usually outputs.

SCART to Firewire converter

Review - click here

But they seem to be discontinued - others I found are pretty pricey too.

  smurfling 17:38 14 Dec 2008

Yes I do, the sky box has 3 o/p HDMI, TV and VCR. I use HDMI for my TV and TV out is connected to my DVD Recorder using the rgb o/p of the scart connection, if I want to download to my recorder I set it to the apropriate input and away we go, I can either watch it whilst it is downloading or watch a non sky channel, the vcr o/p is'nt all that good the TV out in rgb nearly as good as dvd quality, trouble is HD is downgraded but is still pretty good.

  Terminus90 04:03 21 Dec 2008

very interesting smurfling, but have you copied any programmes to your pc/laptop?

  Murghalador 10:24 21 Dec 2008

First of all - thanks for all the suggestions.

To answer some of the posts -
My Vaio is a desktop PCV-V model and does have a SVideo input. It also has a TV tuner/recorder with a normal aerial input.
I connected the sky+ box to the PC using a normal aerial cable and 'copied' the item using the 'copy' function of the sky+ box and the GIGA pocket software loaded on the PC. I then used the 'click to DVD' software to copy to DVD and then erased from the PC and sky+ HD's.

So, in all, a successful outcome.

Thanks again for your time and advice.

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