Download Programmes but they are not there!

  spuds 18:18 22 Feb 2005

I mentioned this problem previously last year, and it as re-appeared. Download from a standard cd programme to my computer, and usually a message states that the download was a success.But the programme doesn't appear on the Windows XP All Programs list, so I am unable to start the 'installed'programme.Also the All Programs screen seems to be on the large size, to the point of being slightly off screen.

Any suggestions for sorting this problem out, should add that the new downloaded programmes appear on the disk drive and Add/Remove.

  hugh-265156 19:05 22 Feb 2005

chances are its listed but off the right side of your screen so you cannot see it.

right click 'task bar/properties/start menu/customize/advanced' put a tick in 'scroll programs' to enable you to see the full list or up your desktop resolution a notch if you can.

if the program is still not listed right click your 'start button/explore' and navigate to the folder you installed it to, find the .exe and right click it then choose 'send to/desktop create shortcut' drag this to your start all programs menu or cut and paste it into the 'documents and settings\your name\start menu\all programs' folder.

  spuds 12:55 24 Feb 2005

Thanks huggyg71 for the response. Changed the programs list to scroll and the programmes do not appear.

Checked explore, but the installation cd's downloaded direct without giving a folder location.So I am confused as to this point of non-entry.Further limited delving doesn't bring any information. So they appear to be lost, except Add/Remove contains information that the progammes are listed, and the original installions did state that the downloads had been successfull.

Possibly a simple answer and further suggestions needed and appreciated.Started to get very despondent with the workings of computers :o(

  Phphred 13:29 24 Feb 2005

Put the name of the download into "Search" if it finds it then use it from your search box. I get this problem as well, it seems to download into a folder that I can't find anywhere; but it must be there hiding!!

  Sethhaniel 13:33 24 Feb 2005

C:/Documents & Settings/<user account>/Local Settings/Temp

could try there first

  spuds 18:02 24 Feb 2005

Phphred-- Gets very frustrating, when you know its there, the computer states its there, but you cannot find the programmes that have been 'successfully installed'.

Sethaniel-- Will give your suggestion a try,thanks.

  Phphred 10:16 27 Feb 2005

If you do find it in your "search", then you can drag it out and put it where you can find it!

  spuds 13:05 27 Feb 2005

Found a couple of 'missing' programmes and managed to have access to them, but the problem as now increased due to other programmes being affected.

This is the same procedure that I had when I first posted this query last year. It seemed to correct itself, and everything was fine, and now the same problem as returned. Looks like a complete format, and start from square one, before I lose all my sanity.

Will give this problem a green tick.

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