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  TommyRed 15:36 12 Mar 2003

Due to problems/conflicts after downloading Winamp, I've uninstalled it and want to re-download it. As my son downloaded it, probably without closing prorams, I was wondering what the correct procedure is and what programs are to be left running if the others are closed down.

  Elrond 15:42 12 Mar 2003

there isnt really any procedure for downolading things. YOu can download anything without closing other apps down. Some programs prefer it if you close everything down when installing it but thats it. Just go ahead and download it

  MAJ 15:44 12 Mar 2003

You shouldn't have to close any programs to download the file, only to install it. When installing it is sufficient just to not have any programs running on the taskbar. But try pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del to close everything but leave Explorer and Systray running.

  MAJ 15:46 12 Mar 2003


You got me that time.

  IZZY 16:04 12 Mar 2003

Would suggest you close down any Anti-Virus programme you have running BEFORE re-installing. I seem to remember WinAmp most strongly recommend that.



  €dstow 16:14 12 Mar 2003

I used to think it didn't make any difference about having programs open when downloading and/or installing but after a complete foul up some years ago, I am now very careful to have as little as possible open when installing anything.

What happened was that a program that I had newly installed proceded to overwrite all the help files of the programs open at the time with its own help files. The consequence was that if I wanted to consult the help file for, say, PSP I would in fact get the help file for this very unusual program for scientific drawings.

It didn't make a lot of difference in fact as I don't use help files very much but it does show what can happen.


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