Download Pictures from Mobile Phone

  spuds 18:38 29 Jun 2004

A friend as raised this question, and knowing the PCA forum,he wondered if someone would have the possible answer.

He intends to purchase a Sagem MYV-65 mobile phone which as a built in High defination camera. Can he transfer the photographs that he takes onto his computer. If so, how would he go about this. The dealer selling the camera was not very sure, if a transfer was possible.

  buscrew 18:54 29 Jun 2004

Usually there are three ways to transfer items from phone to PC and vice versa

Via Infrared

Via Bluetooth

Via a direct connection, either a serial or more usually a USB.

It depends on the specification of the phone, most new phones support infrared or bluetooth. Personally I wouldn't consider a phone that did not have some sort of PC connection.

  spuds 19:03 29 Jun 2004

That's what we thought, but the dealer was non commital.Possible store visit to see the instruction manual, before purchase methinks. Just done a Google search, some interesting good reviews, but nothing on the download matter.

  merc. 19:18 29 Jun 2004


I have just bought the Motorola V525 and got the phone tools kit from Dexter solutions part of Motorola which comes with a usb lead and software disc it works great, you can also update your contacts and phone book through the computer to your phone.


  frankie 20:27 29 Jun 2004

what software is needed to do this

  Irishman 20:47 29 Jun 2004

Just had a look click here and see no sign of a MYV-65. The phones shown all have downloadable user guides.

  spuds 22:46 29 Jun 2004

It would seem as though the download is via infra-red connection, but he is going to the store tomorrow and see if he can check the instruction book or contact Sagem support.

Many thanks everyone, for your kind support.

  Ive 23:12 29 Jun 2004

This is a must have for mobile camera phones with infra red click here

  spuds 00:12 30 Jun 2004

Found this great site for the Sagem MYV-65 click here Appears as though download CD software included in kit.

Ive..Passed the info on.Prices look very favourable. Cheers.

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