download photo's to external hard drive?

  mewnfudywr 13:56 10 Oct 2008

As a newbie to both digital photography and to computers ( I can use a slide rule though!)After reading of people loosing all their photo's due to all sorts of reasons, I have just bought myself a 60GB external hard drive on which to save the results of my new hobby. Question! how do I download my photo's (from Picasa) to my hard drive in either folders or individually, and delete them if necessary? Should I then delete them from the hard disc in my laptop? The hard drive came without any operating instructions. Sorry if this question is a bit basic, But you have to learn somewhere.

  gary2112 13:58 10 Oct 2008

if you write click on the mouse,you then will get some options then click on the option that says safe as then click on your your hardrive then click safe .hope that helps

  tullie 14:31 10 Oct 2008

I think Gary means save?Never tried this from picassa but i dont believe that the photos are actualy there,they are just shown as whats in your photos folder on your hard drive.Can you just go to folder where they are and copy and paste to external drive,or drag and drop?Once they are on your other drive,you can delete from original drive if you wish.

  UncleP 16:33 10 Oct 2008

The basic rules of safeguarding - or backing up - your valuable files are:-

1) the more copies of your collection you have, the better the chance that if things go wrong then one of them will survive intact. The chance is further improved if the copies are made on different media and stored in different locations. So
- one copy, on your computer's HD: dodgy, there is a 1% to 10% chance that during the life of your computer the HD will fail or become corrupted, leading to the loss of essential information
- two copies, on the computer and an external HD: that's better!, especially if you use the external HD only for back-up (to prolong its life), and learn the rules for connecting and disconnecting USB storage devices. Risk has dropped by a factor of 10-100.
- three copies, on computer and external HD, and the best pictures burnt to a CD/DVD and kept well away from the computer: near ideal
- four copies: now you're becoming neurotic!

2) check that the back-ups are working ie that they contain the photos themselves and not just pointers to the originals on the computer HD (as tullie says above). Use Windows to look at the copied files, which are probably in jpg format. Also check that you can re-instate them from the back-up onto the computer HD. This whole process is known as 'validation'; you don't have to do it for every file and on every occasion - just enough to build up confidence that the system is working reliably.

3) be systematic in the organisation of your back-ups, and the frequency with which they are carried out. If Picasa doesn't, there are plenty of free back-up programs which will run automatically at the times you specify, without requiring your presence, and allow you to specify the files or folders to be included.

I appreciate that I have described what to do rather than how to do it, which was the subject of your original enquiry. But if you understand the basics, the rest should follow on naturally as you put your system together. If not, that's what this forum is here for!

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