Download Manager or not

  Enoch 12:13 27 Nov 2005

I need advice. I am using XP home and I am on Broadband. Would the downloading of a "Download Manager" speed up my downloads or should it only be used for dial-up. None of the download managers I have seen (on-line) make comment on this question

  ACOLYTE 12:16 27 Nov 2005

It doesnt matter what conn you have you can use them with any,they are handy things to have and can speed up the download by downloading from more than 1 place at a time and continuing if you need to pause,what they wont do is increase the download speed that is set by your conn.I use this click here


  Enoch 12:26 27 Nov 2005


Other than the one that you recommend, are then any others that come with any Forum users recommendations.

If not, I will use your choice

  Carbonara 12:37 27 Nov 2005

Leechget gets my vote as well!

  Enoch 14:37 27 Nov 2005

ACOLYTE & Carbonara,

Thanks guys, I will be installing "Leechget" shortly

  Stuartli 14:58 27 Nov 2005

I've used FreshDownload (completely free of ads etc) from click here for several years with dialup and now BB.

It will handle up to eight streams and, more importantly, will Resume a download if there are any problems if the website supports the feature.

  anchor 15:01 27 Nov 2005

My favourite is Download Express; used it for years.

click here

  Graham ® 15:09 27 Nov 2005

I once had to download a program from China for a UPS made there. I had to use a download manager (can't remember which one) because the link kept breaking. It took 7 hours on broadband, but it worked when completed.

  Enoch 15:26 27 Nov 2005

Thanks again guys, I now have the options and will shortly choose

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