Download Limits - explain?

  retro_hood 18:36 07 Dec 2006

Anyone got a website link to explain what Downlaod Limits are. I got the theory that download limits only appply to the ammount of stuff you actually download to your computer. Not just general surfing the internet.

  anskyber 18:43 07 Dec 2006

Surfing on the internet also uses bandwidth and regular usage will use a portion of your allowance. Some ISPs also count upload as well as download withing the allowance, mine does not.

  grumbledore 18:46 07 Dec 2006

Have a look at here

With broadband everything you do on the net counts as downloading but ordinary surfing doesn't really count very much.

  rodriguez 19:30 07 Dec 2006

Download limits are there to stop people hogging all the bandwidth. Every time you open a new web page, it counts on your limit, but since web pages don't take up much space this doesn't really make a lot of difference. Also, they usually get saved in Temporary Internet Files so if you load up the same page again it loads from the hard drive and only has to download any updated information on the page. The thing you have to watch is if you download a lot of big files. If you're close to using up your limit, your ISP will email and tell you so and if you go over then your connection will probably just slow down (that's what used to happen with BT). But most people find that their download limit is more than enough for their usage, so it's not something you need to worry about.

  retro_hood 19:31 07 Dec 2006

Cheers, got it now

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