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  bluto1 21:25 21 Jan 2009

I've been informed by my ISP that I'm close to my limit of 2GB per month. I was shocked when I got the email, but thankful too for their courtesy.
Is there a freeware programme available that can help me measure download.?

A chap I spoke to, on the phone to my ISP, told me that every email received and sent, and every website I visit uses up my 2 GB. I don't download music, or play games so what on earth am I using it on? Any help appreciated.

  woodchip 21:28 21 Jan 2009

All Adverts that you see Graphic steel your Allowance. You can turn of Graphics pictures in your Browser, Plus use a popup stopper

  MAJ 21:30 21 Jan 2009

"Is there a freeware programme available that can help me measure download.?"

Netmeter. click here

  woodchip 21:36 21 Jan 2009

You need to pay for at least 5gig. as your not getting much more than a 3G download connection on cheapest rate

  bluto1 21:53 21 Jan 2009

Thanks all, I'll go with your link MAJ.

  3gboosterman 22:03 21 Jan 2009

I take it that you are using a mobile broadband dongle/stick?
There should be a counter that you can set your limit in the options so you know how much usage you are upto.

If you are downloading films or watching them online, then that could be why you have used so much MB's.

  bluto1 22:59 21 Jan 2009

No to everything. I don't download films or watch them on line. My only reason for asking for a download monitor is that I'd like to see for myself what exactly is meant by "Download Limit"

  woodchip 23:04 21 Jan 2009

"Download Limit" Is the amount of gigs you can download in a month, called a cap. over that you have to pay for each gig over the limit. If thats how they work yours

  3gboosterman 02:04 22 Jan 2009

They could charge you £15 for exceeding each GB of overlimit allowance.
I do know that T Mobile charges about £25 a month for unlimited usage.

Going back to your question, it has to be something that you are downloading which you didnt know uses alot of MB's?

Or, has a friend or family used your dongle to download things without you knowing?
Just a thought. he he he!!

  bluto1 18:56 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for additional remarks.
The largest download I've made was a Flight Simulator, about 270MB/s. Thats still a long way from 2 GB.
Not to worry, it's now sorted.

  notrom 19:05 22 Jan 2009

Toucansurf give unlimited downloads. May not be the cheapest ISP but seems a good deal to me.

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