Download & general speed.

  curlylad 10:02 11 Apr 2005

I've noticed of late that it seems to take a lot longer for me to download and I don't mean just programs etc , I'm also talking about typing in the name of a site and getting the home page to open.

I tested my speed on the McAfee speedometer here click here and although my broadband is 256kbps it showed after about 10 attempts that my speed was at highest 140 kbps but on average 120 kbps.I also tried Dan Elwells broadband speed test here click here and it found that it was only my download speeds that were the problem and in fact stated that in regards to my download speeds "Serious problems and should be investigated"

So how do I better my download speeds , can anyone suggest what is wrong here ?

All help appreciated !

  Border Collie 10:06 11 Apr 2005

Try PCPitstop click here and you'll be advised of which course to take. With mine I had to alter a couple of settings, all OK from then on.

  curlylad 11:52 11 Apr 2005

Thanks for the link , tried it and it gave me 2 suggestions , I followed what it suggested but still the download speed is very poor , anyone else ?

  Indigo 1 11:57 11 Apr 2005

I take it you have looked at this thread click here I am also supposing that your BB connection is cable which I think has a different contention ration.

Check with your ISP and do a speed test out of hours ie between 1 am and 8 am.

  Indigo 1 12:23 11 Apr 2005

Here is a good link that might help click here

  curlylad 15:11 13 Apr 2005

Thanks for the help but still no good , anyone else dare to tackle this one ?

  Technotiger 15:17 13 Apr 2005

Hi, if you are not already using it, I would suggest use DAP. Does wonders with my downloads.


  Technotiger 15:21 13 Apr 2005

ps - I would assume that you have tried all the usual - running spyware/anti-virus etc, clearing out all the accumulated rubbish etc. Along with disk-cleanup and defrag. Though I am probably just telling you to 'suck eggs' as the saying goes.


  curlylad 15:21 13 Apr 2005

Permit me to be naive if you will , but what is DAP and where do I get it ?

  curlylad 15:24 13 Apr 2005

Forgot to say but yes I did run a complete 'security' salvo including firstly updating all programs and also a running defrag.

  Technotiger 15:34 13 Apr 2005

DAP Download Accellerator Plus - downloadable and free -

click here

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