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  [DELETED] 13:44 29 Sep 2003

please bare with me, using net objects fusion 7 i have created my site and on one page i want to allow people to download a free ebook by just clicking a link, so (1) does anyone know how to do it, or (2)how do i describe what i want to do in the correct terminology in the help topics of NOF 7. hope this makes sense.

  [DELETED] 15:19 22 Oct 2003

hi there, same question again, but, am also using PWP allocated to me by blueyonder, so does anyone know how to do this using frontpage,

  [DELETED] 15:51 22 Oct 2003

You can import the ebook file you want to off for download into either NetObjects or FrontPage.

For FrontPage I'd suggest that you make a folder in your main web folder called downloads. Click on the downloads folder to select it then click on File, Import and browse to where your ebook is and select it. This will put a copy of your ebook into the downloads folder.

One the page where you want the download to appear, you could do something like this:

If you would like to download a copy of XYZ E-Book click this link.

If you highlight the words 'click this link' in FrontPage or NetObjects you can make them into a hyperlink that points to the ebook file in your downloads folder.

In FrontPage, right click on the highlighted words and select Hyperlink, or you can click on the Insert menu on the top toolbar and select Hyperlink, or press the Ctrl key with the letter K key. In the hyperlink dialogue box, browse your web folder for the downloads folder, then select the ebook file in it as the target for your hyperlink.

In NetObjects, select the 'click this link' text then click the Hyperlink icon on the toolbar or click on the top toolbar menu called Object then select Link from the drop down list of options, or with the text highlighted just press the Ctrl key and the letter K key together.

This opens the link dialogue window where you can choose your hyperlink options. Internal link is selected by default, but you should select File Link from the drop down menu. Follow the prompts to browse to the file you want to offer for download.

When you publish your web in NetObjects it creates a copy of the download file with all other files you added to your site (graphics and so on). This is one of the great little features of NetObjects: you can link to files all over your PC without having to put them in one place and when you ask it to publish the site for you it creates copies of all the files and links to them correctly in the web folder it produces.

Hope this helps.



  [DELETED] 15:57 22 Oct 2003

Thanks Taran, just what i needed :-)

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