Download forms into Word

  Spr 16:49 02 Apr 2005

I have downloaded some forms that I have to fill in & return. Is there any way that the forms can be scanned/copied it Word, filled in & then printed out. As I have arthritics in my finger It would save me a lot of time and they would be legible.

It is for Family tree research that the forms are for

I have Word 2000 & using Win XP

  DieSse 17:00 02 Apr 2005

What format are the downloads in? If they are pictures they can be pasted directly into Word normally.

  pj123 17:10 02 Apr 2005

Where do the forms come from? What format are they in? Give us a link and we can then (perhaps) download them ourselves and work out a solution for you.

The best bet might be to put them through your OCR software where you might be able to fill them in and print them out.

  pj123 17:55 02 Apr 2005

Please do not respond via email to your thread.

Post your response in the thread itself, that way other members can see the results.

Received via email "The forms are in PDF format"

You still haven't said where you got the forms from. Please let us know where you downloaded them from.

  DieSse 18:38 02 Apr 2005

If you use Acrobat Reader version 7 (you can get the latest version from the web), then you should be able to copy the forms to the clipboard and paste them into Word.

  Peter 18:58 02 Apr 2005


Please see the following link for the responces to a very similar question:-

click here

Hope this helps, Peter.

  Spr 21:13 02 Apr 2005

I am trying to purchase copies of marriage & death certificates they are downloaded in PDF format. I printed out a copy of the application form, when I scanned into word it is just one jumbled mass

  VoG II 21:15 02 Apr 2005


  DieSse 22:06 02 Apr 2005

Don't scan it - just use Acrobat to copy it to the clipboard, then open Word and Paste it into Word.

  Peter 13:25 03 Apr 2005


As DieSse suggests, load the form into Acrobat Reader and then use the "Snapshot Tool" (the icon with a camera on it) to capture the whole page as an image. Then insert the captured graphic image into the Word document header, as described in the link in my previous post.


  Spr 15:07 03 Apr 2005

Vog this is the web site I used
I have done what Peter & DieSse told me to do it works fine but I'm unable to fill in the form

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