download folder

  swanny3 00:23 06 Oct 2004

tx 4 all ure help guys id be lost without u .lol but b4 i had restore me pc too factory con when i went too download something it came up save in my downloads now it has gone..what do i do if i want too save it 2 make a folder or what lol ..sorry no idea. :O)¬~~~

  johnnyrocker 00:28 06 Oct 2004

leave the cans alone and try again ;)


  swanny3 00:30 06 Oct 2004

sorry johnny but had no time 4 a can or a cup of tea this is doin me hed in lol

  swanny3 00:32 06 Oct 2004

sorry bother u :O(

  kev.Ifty 00:33 06 Oct 2004

Yeah..Open MY DOCS.. and create a new folder called DOWNLOADS or something. Then If you use the RIGHT CLICK. Select SAVE TARGET AS.

When the window opens asking where to save to. Go to the drop down tab select MY DOCS.. DOWNLOADS folder. Then click SAVE.

OR if you are using that there P2P software you may have to reinstall the software to get back your downloads folder.

But i would not know cause this forum generally "frowns" upon the P2P related stuff

Cheers Kev.

  swanny3 00:34 06 Oct 2004

its ok 4 u yung ens but i tell u what i will have a 1 soon any i go look somewhere else sorry mate as i say ole man here no too well up on pcs ..
sorry pal gl whatever u do :O)¬~~

  swanny3 00:35 06 Oct 2004

whats p2p lol

  kev.Ifty 00:38 06 Oct 2004

i dont know ;-)

sumink to do with file sharing. So someone told me once.

Against copyright law i believe


  swanny3 00:42 06 Oct 2004

went too my docs but dont give me a option too create a folder kev ? dont know whats happened here since i restored me pc maybe me but i cant see create folder lol . np ty any way

  kev.Ifty 00:55 06 Oct 2004

Not into the text speak, sorry.

In my XP os i open MY DOCS. and then click FILE/NEW/FOLDER.. (?) Or just select new folder from the menu on the left.

mmmm Don't know then. Sorry.

Perhaps the experts can help in the morning.

Cheers Kev.

  swanny3 00:59 06 Oct 2004

sorry kev i use it a lot text easier for me but again if u dont know/an ur a expert :O)¬~~

np=no problem
ty=thank you

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