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  timothy44 10:17 02 Jan 2003
  timothy44 10:17 02 Jan 2003

could someone explain to me what may seem like a silly question but having never tried this yet I am unsure, so please bear with my ignorance.
When I want to download some of my photos onto a disc do I have to wait until I have enough to fill a disc or can I download some and then when you put the disc back in does it allow you to download more or do I have to use another disc?
Also when I copy a music cd is it governed by the lenght of the tracks? as I want to copy a double album but am unsure if I need 2 discs or if 1 will be suffficient. Thanks for your patience.

This will all depend on your software that you are using to burn the CD with.

If you are using XP as an operating system it will allow you to "Multisession" the cd by default. This means that you can add to the CD untill it is full. Most software (Nero, Easy CD Creator etc) will allow you to "Finish" a disk that will prevent any further recordings onto it.

Your second question is a little more complicated and depends entirely on the size of the files you are wanting to copy. To get a double album onto a single CD you will need to reduce the file size that you are writing to the cd and this can be done with windows media player by setting the copy settings under tools - options to the minimum - beware, the quality does suffer!

An alternative is to encode to a different format such as Nero's MP3 Pro which retains excellent quality but compresses the file size and still allows it to play on "ordinary" CD's. This is available (at a cost) from the Nero website.

If you are starting out then can I sugest you look to Ebuyer or some other online store for CD's? Compared to local shops etc, you can pick up 100 CD's for as little as £13.00!

  timothy44 10:25 02 Jan 2003

sorry also forgot to ask, do I just buy a pack of cdr's or is there some particular kind I have to buy to go with my computer?

  timothy44 10:27 02 Jan 2003

Thank you smiffy, I have xp and I have easy cd creator basic, do I have to format each disc I put in it?

  timothy44 10:29 02 Jan 2003

I was just thinking of using the windows one in "my pictures" will that allow multisession?

You will only need to format the disk if you are using a CD/RW - one that can be used several times over like a floppy. My advice (and I know Edstows thoughts on the subject are the same) is dont bother with these! They can be unstable, degrade quickly and just when you need the data most - fail!

As pointed out, the cost of "normal" Cd's from online stores are so cheap that there is little reason to need to reuse a CD time and again.

As to the "type" CD buring speeds are getting quicker but there is little point in buying CD's with a rated write speed faster than your cd writer can write to them! You will simply be paying more for something you wont use. The CD's use a thin film that is "burnt" by the laser and it is this that dictates the speed of the writing it can support together witht he capabilities of the writier to write at faster speeds.
32x (speed) is about average at the moment and there is little advantage in buying the faster 48 speed unless you do a lot of burning and have the kit to match.

Having said all that, Ebuyer have 48 Speed Cd's at £12.99 for 100 whaich is excellent value and I will be ordering some today! click here

They will work fine but only at the speed you CD writer is capable of!

As you have XP, you can write to CD from any file or folder, not just in "My pictures"

All you have to do is to right click on the file, picture or whatever and select the "send to" option. This will allow you to specify where to send the file and all you have to do is to identify the CD writer as the drive. A balloon will open to say you have files waiting to be written and just follow the wizzard.

These are all "Multisession" options and allow you to continue to add files until the disk is full.

  timothy44 10:43 02 Jan 2003

thank you very much smiffy you've been really helpful.

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