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  poogles_uk 17:03 18 Aug 2004

Hi, can someone write me a small page that i can use locally, and paste links into a box and click go or something that would allow me to download items (and bring up ie downloader thing) as i download a lot of items that aren't hyperlinks, and want to download.

Any Help appreciated.



  Forum Editor 18:28 18 Aug 2004

What does that mean?

If you're talking about downloading files from web sites, you can only do this if other people have placed the files there for download in the first place.

Everything on the internet - every web page you visit - is downloaded by your computer, that's how it works. If you want to download non-HTML files you can only do it if people put the files in their webs in the first place. Then you just click on their file-link. Your browser will do the rest. You can't download files unless there are links to them on a web page - unless you're talking about transfer via FTP.

Maybe if you explained a little more fully I could be more helpful.

  poogles_uk 08:06 19 Aug 2004

There are links, but they aren't in hyperlink form, so i cant right click and save target as, so i was wondering if someone could make a small page with a box that i could click go or something and it would either let me download it or make it into a hyperlink?

  Taran 13:18 19 Aug 2004

Anything available to download on the web has a hyperlink to it. Unless the links are dynamically generated with some pretty clever code or controlled through a database you should be able to reference the file location. No link to the download means the file cannot be downloaded since you need to know where it is (e.g. to be able to ask your browser to fetch it for you.

Perhaps if you post links to some of the pages you want to download from one of us will be able to figure out what you want to download and from where.

There is no such thing as a web page with a box in it that can go off and grab things for you without knowing their location.

  poogles_uk 16:26 19 Aug 2004

Its for on forums where they are put into code boxes. I want a box i can paste the link in and click and it will bring up the download box

  Talented Monkey 19:40 19 Aug 2004

why not cut and paste links into the browser address box? if you have the WHOLE ie www website (dot) com then simple paste. if its a link thats /images/pic1.jpg then you have to tag it on to the current website address you are viewing.

  Gaz 25 22:41 19 Aug 2004
  poogles_uk 08:12 20 Aug 2004

That looks great. Thanks


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