Downgrading Windows XP to 98

  pinkprincess 11:07 05 Oct 2004

Having installed XP on my laptop it seems to be that the hardware is just not compatible with it - I can't get certain things to work. I would like to install 98 back instead but how do I do this?

  Stuartli 11:20 05 Oct 2004

It's more likely that you will need to update the hardware drivers etc to get your laptop to work - reverting to Windows98 would be a very backward step in more ways than one.

Post what hardware to which you are referring and forum members will be able to help.

Also go onto the WindowsUpdate website and it will inform you of any updated drivers etc that may/are required.

  OwenLotts 11:22 05 Oct 2004

If you really want to go back to 98 see if you can uninstall XP in Control Panel, Add / Remove Programs.

Although as Stuartli says we can help you sort the problems.

  pinkprincess 11:27 05 Oct 2004

The laptop is a generic - made by a company called AJP. It's 6 years old now and I've looked on the website for AJP and they don't seem to have any updated drivers for it. I have been told that it's possible the laptop just will not be able to work properly with XP. In terms of getting things to work, it's the modem I'm having trouble with (PCMCIA). It's a brand new modem, and definately compatible with XP. Installs correctly and shows up ok in the hardware list, but when I come to dial it says there is a fault. The rest of the laptop works ok as far as I can tell, but as I said I was told (by an IT technician at work) that the computer is just too old to work well with XP.

  OwenLotts 11:33 05 Oct 2004

1) Do you know the spec of the laptop? ie processor, RAM etc or the model number (with a link to the AJP website too if possible?)

2) What make and model modem?

3) What is the EXACT error message you get when you try to connect?

  pinkprincess 11:42 05 Oct 2004

Their website is click here.

Unfortunately I don't remember the spec offhand or the error message - it's been a while since I tried to do anything with it. I will look it all up tonight (I am at work!) and post back tomorrow.

  OwenLotts 11:56 05 Oct 2004

Spec doesn't matter if you can give us the model number....

  Paranoid Android 12:38 05 Oct 2004

I agree with Stuartli on this one, to get back to Windoze 98 would not necessarily be a hassle-free experience. Just for example, do you have Windoze 98 drivers for all your laptop devices, because if you have to reformat your hard drive you will lose the ones you've got.

I think your best option is to make the effort to get the modem working, rather than ditching the OS over a single-issue problem.

Just for starters, try thinking about the these :

Does your laptop have an internal modem which you need to disable in BIOS?

Are your PC card ports enabled and functioning correctly ?

The likelyhood is that your problem stems from your modem's setup, in which cae you would probably have the same problem in 98.

Knowing the exact error message at this point is a must.

Good luck


  pinkprincess 10:56 09 Oct 2004

OK, FINALLY have had a chance to check this out. The error message which comes up is there has been a hardware failure, however when I check the modem properties it says it is working correctly.
The modem is a 56k V92 PCMCIA made my mentor. the website is click here
Computer is 551 intel celeron with 256MB RAM. Model is 3100BDF. 6GB HDD.
There's no internal modem - it came with a PCMCIA.

It probably is the settings because i think i was having problems before XP was installed, but someone re-installed windows for me so i was hoping that would fix it?

  Stuartli 12:50 09 Oct 2004

This site click here along with click here will provide some assistance and help find the XP driver required.

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