Downgrading to dial-up - advice required

  Christopher Lewis 11:46 08 Dec 2008

With the recession starting to bite, my broadband is beginning to look like an expensive luxury, so I was wondering about downgrading, and reconfiguring my network.

I have an ordinary home network with Cat 5 cables and RJ45 plugs, thus
PCs -> Router -> Cable Modem -> Internet

Is there a simple ethernet dial-up modem which I could just put in place of the Cable modem?
If not, I guess I would have to set-up with a gateway PC equiped with dial-up hardware. If so, could all the PCs remain plugged into the router as I have them at the moment, or would I need to separate the gateway PC, thus
PCs -> Router -> Gateway PC with modem -> Internet


  oldbeefer2 13:28 08 Dec 2008

I would be surprised if your computer doesn't have a built in modem. Either look in device manager or check the back to see if there's a phone socket there. Worth looking at talktalk - if you're in the right area you would get calls and broadband for about £6 a month!

  Christopher Lewis 17:37 08 Dec 2008

Oldbeefer2 - Thank you for your interest, but your reply does not answer my questions. As it happens, my PC's do not have built in modems, but that is not a problem as I have a USB dial-up modem.

Any other contributions?

  Ashrich 00:59 09 Dec 2008

Look for a cheaper ISP for your broadband , you can get it for as little as £10 a month through your phone line ( if you can get it that is ) , if you spend a couple of hours a day on dial up you will easily spend that , plus you will still be able to use your phone , and the time you wait for dial up to download things like Windows updates will be enormous .

You would have to enable ICS ( Internet connection sharing ) using the PC that the modem is connected to as a type of server so any other PC's on the network could have internet access , the main PC would always have to be running ( extra electricity ) , do you really want to go back to the dark ages ?


  Christopher Lewis 11:34 09 Dec 2008

Ashrich - thank you for your interest, but you have not answered my questions.

OK people, I know you are trying to help, but I already know I can change ISPs, or move to some other tariff. I'm even considering not having home access to the internet - I did say it was a luxury. I'm just trying to find out the answer to my questions about dial-up, so I can consider all the possibilities.


  ambra4 15:21 09 Dec 2008

“Is there a simple Ethernet dial-up modem which I could just put in place of the Cable modem?”


Hope That Answered Your Question

A 60 hours per week/month account can cost you more than the cost of the

“Expensive Luxury Broadband” if you exceed the hours that you are paying for

  Ashrich 17:48 09 Dec 2008

As ambra4 says , although I will say it not quite so forcefully , No there aren't any ethernet based dial up modems .


  Christopher Lewis 19:25 27 Dec 2008

Thanks for the answers. I have switched ISP and selected a lower tariff. It's a bit slower and has a cap, but I don't think that'll be any more than a minor inconvenience.

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