downgrade from vista to xp - sony vaio laptop

  Civic_type_r 15:45 27 Dec 2008

hi looking for some advice please i have recently bought a sony laptop vaio vgn-ns11j/s complete with windows vista! thing is i wish to remove vista and put xp on! what is the best way to go about doing this? i have been on the sony website and followed the information to do this on there by getting xp drivers but either the site is not working properly or its just not very good! can anyone help? many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 27 Dec 2008

Don't take this the wrong way:-

You would be better learning to use Vista,
new equipment you wish to add / use with the laptop is unlikely to be provided with XP drivers in the future.

You could always try a Dual boot system - XP and Vista on same machine - useful for old programs that don't work on Vista.

  Pineman100 16:12 27 Dec 2008

I'm not clear whether you want to buy a copy of XP and install it instead of Vista, or whether you're hoping to be able to downgrade free of charge.

Some time ago, users of Vista Business and Vista Ultimate could qualify for a free downgrade to XP, but I'm not sure whether that still applies. And I don't know what version of Vista you have.

You mention getting XP 'drivers' from Sony's website - I suspect these are not what you think they are. They're probably just XP device driver files (for things like printers, etc), and not the full installation of XP that you expected.

If you're sufficiently keen on getting rid of Vista and installing XP to buy an OEM copy of XP, then the instructions on this website may help you: click here

  Pineman100 16:13 27 Dec 2008

But I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\. You'd be better off learning to use Vista.

  ambra4 17:59 27 Dec 2008

Changing the desktop to the Windows Classic look and turning off UCA would make it a lot

easier to understand and learn Vista even in XP I use the Windows Classic look

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