Down loading plans

  WOODWORKER 23:03 19 Mar 2003

Hi I'm back with another question
Please could some one help I go on a USA web site
where I can download free woodwork plans but the trouble is when I click on one in the list it opens another page which is blank with just a small box with a red cross in it in the left hand corner this also some times happens with email I get it says that I need Acrobat Reader 5 + which I have got, the friend that gave me the site address and my son can download ok so it seems as if its my computer, no one I know can tell me the trouble, hope someone can help

All the best Woodworker

  User-312386 23:06 19 Mar 2003

put the link in the forum and we will see if the link is ok and then if it is we will try and help you


  VoG™ 23:11 19 Mar 2003

Does this help click here

  Jaga58 23:15 19 Mar 2003

It is your activeX controls
In Outlook Express click on Tools, then Options, then Security, remove tick from
'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus' that solves your email program.

For Internet Explorer click on Tools, then Internet Options, Security, Select a web zone 'Internet' and choose custom level.

This is asuming you use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

  WOODWORKER 21:12 20 Mar 2003

Hi you experts you had me fooled for awhile, but I sussed you out, you dont live on this universe you live on a parallel one , you were sitting behind me while I typed my question thats the only way I can explain how I got replys so quick.
anyway I tried what you said,jaga58 but it did not seem to work then I tried your link, VoG, to Microsoft then the link to Symantec where I have been to before but none seems to apply although I have got Norton System Works there is no Ad blocking etc in the works suite, so madboy here is your surgestion,
Thanks alot
All the best woodworker

  Cordy13 21:20 20 Mar 2003

Your link is incomplete but anyway I can download and view with Acrobat.

  WOODWORKER 22:19 20 Mar 2003

Hi, Thanks Cordy13
But could you tell me how to do that, because that is what I am trying to find out.
Again thanks
All the best woodworker

  fitshase 22:28 20 Mar 2003

Try clicking on the link with the right mouse button and selecting "Save Target As..."

Save it on to your desktop

When completed, minimise all of your open windows so you are back to your desktop

double click on the downloaded file

If this works then it may be a problem with acrobat and internet explorer working together.

hope this helps



  accord 22:31 20 Mar 2003

tend to agree with corby13, i have tried both pages refering to PK10 and both downloaded ok. im using adobe acroread 5.0.

for ref the links can be found at:
click here

  accord 22:33 20 Mar 2003

agree with fitshase aswell. i was having this problem when i was on dial up. using NTL BB now.

  WOODWORKER 17:55 29 Mar 2003

Thanks to all of you who have posted help message's, none seem to work, properly me doing it wrong, but you did give me some clues, I went to A Reader/preference's/untick box, show pictures in broswer, now when I click on down load I get the option to save download to disk then I can read it through A Reader.

Thanks again WOODWORKER

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