Down loaded file cannot be saved

  wicked willy 18:45 16 Jun 2003

Hi Everybody, This is a Problem that you all have come across reguarly, But I donnot Know what it means"Download Accelerator Error......Downloaded file cannot be saved...Error : The Parameter is incorrect" Please what does it mean as I cannot drag any thing down off the Net I am running XP home edition with 60gb, Bill

  Dr. Charles 18:57 16 Jun 2003

This sounds crazy - -but. Have you downloaded the IE6 update Q818529 from the MS site?This is supposed to be a security patch

I did this and found I couldn`t download a nero update. I have removed this patch and now everything is fine. You can see this patch if you go as if to add/remove a programme from settings.

I have not replaced this patch and things are much happier now with my PC. You can always give it a try and if it doesn`t work download the patch again or can you?



  hugh-265156 19:07 16 Jun 2003

the file has not been fully downloaded or is corrupted.

try downloading again.try not using download acc.

some download managers can cause this to happen.i had a few niggles with download this.

try click here i use this myself and would recommend it.its also free and has no adware.

  wicked willy 19:11 16 Jun 2003

Thanks Charles for the advice which I took but Checked in Programs and also in Search but Alas nothing doing so must wait until someone else has had the message before Bill

  Dr. Charles 20:43 16 Jun 2003

Hi, I assume this is XP?

OK well I have just been looking in my "Big XP Book" . It says that you can get this happen as you described if you don`t have Administrative privileges. Have you got those set for yourself?

I hope that helps


  wicked willy 22:32 16 Jun 2003

Thanks Charles , Yes it is set to me be Administrator, and I have uninstalled but when I reloaded it came up again as the DAP wouldn`t let me in so now I guess I will have to forget all about ,as I had it installed before I went on to Broadband , Any way once again Thank You for your Help Bill

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