Double Trouble.

  Ronyap 21:24 09 Jun 2006

Question 1)

Is it possible for a Cd Dirve/DVD drive to scrath a disk? Because, I think that my drive is scratching my discs little by little, everytime i put one in...?

PS. If so, what can I do about it.

Question 2)

I have also got those DVD/CD cases where you slide DVDs in and out, the one with pockets, instead of taking it out, like on the spindle.

Here is a picture of what Im talking about:

click here

The question is, do these also scratch discs? Coz, someone told me that when I try to slide these out, it damages the disc. So, should I use the spindle instead of the Pocket case?

Thanks :D

  woodchip 21:29 09 Jun 2006

I think you will find it's the zip on the case that's doing the scratching

  Ronyap 21:30 09 Jun 2006

No, I dont think so, since my one doesnt have a zip, it has one of those Velvet things. And also, I do have a zip case, but I am very careful with discs.

  josie mayhem 21:41 09 Jun 2006

Can't see it being the case, nothing there hard enough to scratch..

It might be how you put the disk into the drive, you might be slightly sliding them in,catching the tray or the holding spindle these are hard enough to scratch the underneath of the disk...

Double check when the next time you put one in!

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