Bonzy 11:50 31 Aug 2005

Hello friends, I use an HP Laserjet 1320 printer locally connected to my Win XP Pro pc which has the MS office 2003 suite installed. How can I get printing done on both sides of an A4 sheet?
Thanx in advance.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:52 31 Aug 2005

When you click on 'print' you should have a dialogue box listing the printer(s). Click on the printer that you are using and go to 'advanced' or similar. If the printer is capable of dbl-sided printing you will see the option.


  jack 12:08 31 Aug 2005

In addition to gandalfs good advice.
When the properties box comes up
you should sae some thing like print odd/even pages.
Or depending one the program you are using
Save 0dd/even pages as two separate files .
Then run one set- turn the pages and run the other.
There are lots of ways of doing this.
But be prepared to re -run the occasional pages whenre a misprint occurs -as it will

  palinka 13:41 31 Aug 2005

To add a little to Gandalf's advice, don't click on the print icon; on my computer that starts the printing automatically and it prints every page, in numerical order, each on a fresh sheet of paper. Instead click on File>print. That brings up the box in which you can decide which pages to print (it's the Print range section - remove the tick from "All" and put it in one of the other options. Then you could specify 1,3,5,7,9. When those are done, turn the bundle over, put it back in the paper feed and respecify 2,4,6,8,etc.

  Strawballs 13:56 31 Aug 2005

Palinka the printer in question will proberbly do double sided automatically. As Gandalf said go to the properties > advance and on one of the tabs there will be print layout or setup and the option will be in there. the ones we use at work do this and it is slow because they take each page in turn back in and do the other side.

  dave_and_confused 14:02 31 Aug 2005

According to click here this printer print double sided. Look for an option called Duplex or Duplexing.

  dave_and_confused 14:04 31 Aug 2005

Page 67 of the manual - click here

  palinka 11:06 01 Sep 2005

thanks, Strawballs; apologies to Gandalf & Bonzy. I'm obviously still in the dark ages with my Canon BJC 3000

  Bonzy 14:23 01 Sep 2005

Thanx friends. Through your help I've managed to print on both sides. Thanx.

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