Double side printing

  baldyx 19:50 28 Feb 2004

I have Windows XP and HP all-in one model 710 printer. I wish to print on both sides of a page,but there is no opton shown on the printer settings for this.

Do I have to install more software ?

Thak you.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:57 28 Feb 2004

Silly quesetion perhaps, but does the printer support this? If not, you will have to feed in the paper again.

If it does, then there may be an option called "duplex" somewhere...

  S5W 20:00 28 Feb 2004

Are you sure that your HP all-in-one is capable of two sided printing, some HP printers need an add on bit of kit. You may find help on the HP website which is fairly comprehensive. Ditto faxing problems.

  Nosmas 20:35 28 Feb 2004

I was under the impression that most modern printers had this facility. However if that is not the case with your printer driver, the O/S print dialogue may enable you to do this.

Don't know about XP but in W98 the Print dialogue (file menu > Print OR Ctrl+P) has in the bottom right corner a drop down (Print:) which enables the selection of 'All pages in range', 'Odd pages' or 'Even pages'. First run the print job to print 'Odd pages' then WITHOUT disturbing their order, turn the whole batch of printed pages over, re-insert them THE CORRECT WAY ROUND in the paper tray and re-run the job after selecting 'Even pages' in the drop down.

Hope this will help.

  daba 17:45 29 Feb 2004

As Nosmas says, odd and even need to be printed separately, re-loading the first run into the printer.

However, the way you do this depends on how your printer output 'stacks' the printed pages, whether they are 'face-up' or 'face-down'.

Face-Up output reverses the page order, so for single-sided printing of a document, it is preferable to use 'reverse print order'

On mine, an Epson 830, the output is 'face-up', so the first page printed finishes at the bottom of the stack. When turned to print the other side, this sheet will be printed on first, and it will then be at the bottom of the output stack again, but it is the reverse side of page 1, i.e. page 2.

So for printers with 'face-up' output - print the ODD pages first, re-load them into the printer and then print the EVEN pages. There is no need to 'reverse print order' for this type of printer.

If the printer outputs the pages 'face-down' then the page order of the output stack is retained, so after printing the ODD pages, when the stack is turned, the 'end' of the book has to be printed on first, meaning that the even pages need to be in 'reverse print order', i.e. descending page numbers.

It is always best to print the ODD pages first in either case, as you will then get the required number of sheets ready to turn and print the other side.

Hope this is all clear..

  daba 17:53 29 Feb 2004

Actually I'll retract what I sad about face-down output, After a re-think I was wrong -

For face-down-output, you have to print the EVEN pages first, but in reverse order, then turn and print the ODD pages.

Sorry for any confusion

  baldyx 13:34 02 Mar 2004

Thanks all. I will have to use the methods you sugested.

  Audeal 14:23 02 Mar 2004

I find that when printing the second side of the sheets the printer tends to feed throught two or more pages at some stage of the printing so the printing goes on the wrong page and I have to stop the printing. So I now feed the second side by hand and have no more problems.

  ton 16:46 02 Mar 2004

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