Double Postings again! Is it me?

  Cook2 00:47 25 Aug 2004

I click on Post Response, once, and after several seconds I get 'Page cannot be displayed'. I go back to the Forum and re-open the thread and two postings appear. This keeps happening so I assume something is wrong my end rather than the Forum. Any ideas please?

  Cook2 00:48 25 Aug 2004

Well I'll be............ I'm posting now as a test.

  Cook2 00:48 25 Aug 2004

Well I'll be............ I'm posting now as a test.

  Cook2 00:48 25 Aug 2004

Well I'll be............ I'm posting now as a test.

  Delltree C: 01:04 25 Aug 2004

I havent had any problems posting or doubleyquodwoblerish post things

page loading is its usual snail.

  powerless 01:06 25 Aug 2004


  end 01:09 25 Aug 2004


  end 01:13 25 Aug 2004

will pick this up later to see "pogress" but , could be you this time:)
you "missed" the "fun" yesterday morning though::))

  Forum Editor 01:22 25 Aug 2004

another long-winded thread where everyone posts 'me too' or 'not me too' messages, or 'picks this up later'.

Multiple posting has always been with us - almost always (there are exceptions) because people click the 'post response' button more than once when they don't see their post appear immediately. Each time you click that button you send another copy of your post to the server, whether anything appears to happen or not. I'm not saying this is the case here Cook2, but it does happen all the time. Very occasionally there's a server glitch, but it's rare. It isn't a perfect world and on a site like this, with tens of thousands of comings and goings it's inevitable that sometimes something will go wrong.

Complex work is going on behind the scenes to resolve database issues, and when we're finished we should see faster thread loading.

  Cook2 01:34 25 Aug 2004

I'm sure it's something to do with me, only clicked 'post response' once. The quadruple post was a bit of a shock, I had a blank page appear and it sat there for ages. I eventually clicked 'back' and it had happened again. I've had a look round and other postings and the site seems to be working fine. I really need a pointer as to where I can start looking on my system to resolve the problem.

  Cook2 01:42 25 Aug 2004

Just had a thought. Could it be something to do with my wireless mouse. (Clutching at straws?).

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