Double layer DVD writing

  Heckmotor 18:59 03 Feb 2006

On good advice from this forum, I replaced a broken Asus 48x24x52x CD player with an NEC ND3520A 'all media' thingy, and left an existing DVD player installed as a back-up. After a false start, due to forgetting to move the jumper to 'slave', the pc now recognises both units. Our burning software is Nero 5.5.

Problem: Nero doesn't recognise the 8.5GB capacity of double layer DVDs, and won't write onto ordinary CDs via the new drive. I see there's an option to 'overburn', but it comes with a warning of possible drive damage if used inappropriately.

Question: What do I have to do to use the full capabilty of the new set-up without risking further problems? Help save a marriage and a business, if you can - I'm at my wit's end!

  SANTOS7 19:05 03 Feb 2006

click here
nero 5.5 does not support dual layer..
if it was an oem version it will only write to the drive it came with...i think..

  stalion 19:12 03 Feb 2006

this supports dual layer click here

  Heckmotor 19:22 03 Feb 2006

Thanks, SANTOS 7. Your right - it was OEM, and the NEC drive was supplied as an OEM item, too, with no manual or software.

I see from your link that Nero 6 will do the job, but there's an ad in the corner for a Nero 7 download for next to no money - must be a catch?

stalion has flagged up a Roxio package that seems to offer all sorts of imaging trickery. Our main need is for backing up big boring business files - would I be wasting money with the £48 Roxio software, or maight I just as well have its extra features to play with later?

Thanks for your help so far, guys!

  Smiler 19:30 03 Feb 2006

Nero oem click here

  stalion 13:41 04 Feb 2006

if you only want to back up files use acronis
click here

  pj123 13:50 04 Feb 2006

You can buy Nero version 6 from

click here

Make sure you select Suite 3

Once you have installed the software you can go to the Nero site and update it to the latest version for free.

click here

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