Double copies of Outlook.pst

  BigDunc 19:02 16 Aug 2004

I have just copied "outlook.pst" from my "holiday" laptop into the appropriate directory on my desk top. I now get 2 copies of the file and can't close as it seems to think that both are in use. It is usually easy to close archive files. How could this have happened and how can I close the duplicate copy from the folder list? Thanks in advance!

  [DELETED] 19:59 16 Aug 2004

With outlook closed: rename the older one to outlookpst.old and then run up Outlook and see how you get on. But - the one you are keeping must be where Outlook expects it to be, i.e. in the same folder as the one you renamed.

  BigDunc 20:10 16 Aug 2004

Thanks John
Tried that and it still opens as two. When I try to close either, identical folders, with a right click I get "you cannot close the personal folder that contains your calendar, contacts and POP mailbox"

  [DELETED] 20:16 16 Aug 2004

Maybe the time has come to get more drastic. Take a copy of the older one and move it somewher else with a different name, then delete the one remaining so that there is only the one you want left. If when you open Outlook again it complains of a missing pst file, you will need to convince Outlook to use the file. Tools - Options - Mail Options Tab - Data Files button.

Actually it may be worth checking there to see what it says first - may give you a clue as to the problem.

  BigDunc 20:30 16 Aug 2004

Thanks again John
Tried that. Still opens 2 copies of the SAME file, no matter which one I want to open - either the current one or an old, backup one.

  [DELETED] 20:51 16 Aug 2004

Ok, now I'm puzzled. I don't understand how it could open two copies if there is only one (the other was deleted, wasn't it)

Take a look in the registry to see what is going on. Start - Run type regedit in the box and hit return. When regeditor window opens, open the edit menu and click on find. Type outlook.pst in the find box and run the search. If you are running XP and Outlook XP you should find the search comes up with only one entry with the right hand pane reading something like C:\documents and settings\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

If you press F3 it does a "find next" - this should come up with a message bos saying registry search finished or similar and not actually find another instance of outlook.pst. If it does, that will be your culprit. Or I guess it could be the first one you find, in which case I would exit registry editor, make a registry backup, then go back into the registry and delete the extra right hand pane entry which has the outlook.pst that you don't want.

Remember that editing the registry can be dangerous. If you are unhappy doing this you can download little progs that will do it for you. Just google with registry editor and you'll find several. These should do a registry clean up for you and remove unwanted and duplicate entries.

  BigDunc 22:38 16 Aug 2004

Many, many thanks John. Did as you suggested (couldn't waitto later in the week!!) and it worked. Called the pst file a different name and that helped me find it and I deleted that old names in the registry!

Thanks again!
best wishes

  [DELETED] 00:06 17 Aug 2004

Glad to have been of help. See what you can achieve when you get stubborn! Glad you are sorted, no idea what may have been the cause though.

Can you tick the resolved box and then post response.


  BigDunc 08:11 17 Aug 2004

great to swith on this morning and have things back to normal. The problem wasn't exactly critical but I'm pleased to be back to how it should be. I was copying my pst files between machines which started the whole problem. Next time, will be more careful and concentrate on what I am doing!

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