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  porcup1ne 18:17 22 May 2003

I have the great task of transferring a lot of docs/jpgs/bmps/ppts etc from a dos base via floppy to another pc hdd. This is the only way to back up the pc that is totally beyond help.

My 1st question is, how do you copy a file that is much larger than a floppy so that the system will ask you to insert the next disk instead of saying insufficient space.

In other words, i would type in copy '*.*' to a: and when it has filled one disk it will ask for the next one.

My 2nd question is, is there a particular procedure for it to be copied on to the destination pc

  Rtus 18:27 22 May 2003

If the old system has AT /Ide hard drive ? Why not use drive copy /drive image.

  Devious Dave 18:28 22 May 2003

Instead of using floppies to transfer the data you could take the hard drive out of the old PC set the jumpers to slave, connect it to the new PC and you should be able to see it and just select the files you want and send them onto the new PC’s hard disk. Hope this helps. David.

  porcup1ne 19:07 22 May 2003

I think I forgot to mention that the corrupt pc is running win98SE and is a laptop. The problem starts off (if u r already bored dont worry),when the user tried to upgrade ie to ie6. Somewhere along the line it asked if he wanted to delete comctl32.dll and he said yes. The hardware support took me through trying to copy the dll onto the pc but to no avail. I cant even get to windows anymore and have to use dos to copy numerous files......the only way I know how, before I rebuild this piece of gunk that starts with a C and ends in a Q

  Kitz E Kat 19:30 22 May 2003

If you can get into DOS then all is not lost, i hope, where there's DOS there's hope!
|Have you tried to run SCANREG, this should detect and fix registry related problems and allow you to boot up, even in safe mode and allow you to do your thing. Hope this helps
Kitz E Kat

  Rtus 19:40 22 May 2003

As above (Devious Dave)you could remove the laptop Hd add to your desktop system as slave by using a drive Ide converter.(around a tenner)Ive done this to recover data on several laptops ,Burning Docs etc to Cdrom to read and copy on Laptop after reinstalation of O/s.

  Switcher 20:44 22 May 2003

1.Use Laplink 3 (DOS version of laplink) to transfer files from laptop to PC.

2.Use Converter to connect Laptop HDD to PC ( costs £5-00 from Maplins)

3. Use XCopy.

  Switcher 20:55 22 May 2003

Sory Xcopy cannot break up a file the correct dos command to do that is BACKUP and is recovered using RESTORE

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