Dos Prompt in winME

  CapsLock 20:47 24 May 2003


The time has come to upgrade to XP but I cannot access the Dos Prompt in order to "format c:"

How do I do this?


  keith-236785 21:15 24 May 2003

YOU DONT NEED TO, Windows xp gives you the option in its setup to format your hard drive or back up your old windows or do neither, from here you can format drive c:, however if you really want to format yourself then follow the steps below:-

choose "start/shutdown/shutdown to msdos, you will have to shut windows, windows will not let you format C: whilst it is still running before you get rid of windows, Have you made a windows startup disk, if not do so before you do anything else, "Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs/start-up disk tab at the top then click make startup floppy"

you will not need this for windows XP, you will have to change the boot order in your bios to cd rom first, because XP installs from the cd unless you upgrade to xp from within windows, but if something goes wrong and you need to go back to ME then you will need the start up disk for your computer to recognise your cdrom..

once you have shut down to msdos, you can type format c: then press enter and wait, once it has finished formatting you can press "ctrl+alt+del" to restart your computer, when the computer is restarting you will have to enter the bios, it should tell you which key to press, usually F2 or Del, change the boot sequence to cdrom first. then "ctrl+alt+del" again (put the win xp cd in th drive first). then follow the screen commands.

good luck..........

  dipsy 23:39 24 May 2003

I run ME and don't have the option as advised by paperman27 ie. "choose start/shutdown/shutdown to msdos". The way I do it is, shutdown, put your startup floppy in the drive, Start up again, select whether you want to start with CD rom support or not and this should take you to the DOS prompt, from which you can format C:

  ljcool 17:55 25 May 2003

I am running windows ME, an i want to format my pc can some one tell me how i do so please

  DieSse 18:06 25 May 2003

Put your startup floppy in the drive, boot up from it, and at the DOS prompt type

format c: (ret) ... where (ret)=hit the return/enter key.

Repeat for any other drives and/or partitions you want to fromat, except put their drive letter instead of c

  keith-236785 09:59 31 May 2003


the format command is not available from the start-up floppy, you need to let the floppy boot to the menu then choose start with cdrom support, this creates a virtual drive D: (as long as you only have one drive/partition) if more than one drive/partition, it will be the next available drive before your cdrom, it will tell you anyway what the drive letter is.

once that is done you have to type at the a:> "D:" or whatever it is then once you have the D:> prompt type "format c:"

hope that clears it up for Capslock

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