DOS program won't fill the screen in W2K or XP

  Bargee 14:59 12 Oct 2008


Yes, I know, what mug is still using DOS programs?!

Well the program I use is very specialised & very good & used daily. However, I can't run the program in a full sized window in either W2K or XP like I can in 98SE. I've tried matching as best I can all the settings in the properties tab for the program's .exe file that are set in 98SE, but the program, whilst fully displayed, only runs in the top half of my screen's display. I now need to upgrade the machine I run it on & ditch 98SE.

Any ideas how I can get it to display "normally"?


  woodchip 15:06 12 Oct 2008

Dual boot with 98se, Change the drive thats in for a new drive Load 98se on it, then remove it. after you put the old drive back connect 98se drive as slave then use a Dual Boot Manager to choose which you want to run at boot. Thats how I do it with 98se and XP home

  PO79 15:11 12 Oct 2008

Have you tried pressing ALT+ENTER, this usually switches DOS to full screen and back again.

  Bargee 15:37 12 Oct 2008

Thanks & I appreciate the input, but keeping 98SE on a dual boot system seems a last resort only if I can't solve this problem, which I would ideally like to. Pressing ALT + ENTER doesn't help either, good tip though.

Perhaps I wasn't very clear about the problem.

The DOS program will run & work in both W2K & XP, BUT it only fills the top half of the DOS screen display. The DOS screen itself completely fills my monitor display. Imagine that your web browser only displays scrunched into the top half & the remainder of your screen is black. Thats what I'm getting & want to try to rectify.


  PO79 16:25 12 Oct 2008

This advice was given to a user on another forum with the same problem;

I think I understand your problem--you've got a 50-line screen and your DOS
program is only using 25 lines of it. Try this:

Use Alt-Enter to switch the program to a window, then Alt-Space to pull up
the control menu. Go to Properties, then the Layout tab. Set both the
screen buffer height and the window height to be 25 lines.

Click OK, then select "Save properties for future windows". Press Alt-Enter
again to switch back to full screen, and see if it looks better. You might
have to close the DOS program and restart it.

Hope it helps.

  Bargee 17:01 12 Oct 2008


Worked perfectly, I'm indebted.


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