DOS printing in Windows

  kinger 12:06 28 Oct 2003

My brother-in-law is using an old DOS program that runs on Windows no problem (CAD software) but he, nor the suppliers of the software can get it to print anything.

He came to me for suggestions which got me thinking hard as I know there is an answer to getting around this problem.

Something about printing to a file first and then printing out the file to Windows, but I really can't remember how to do it.

Enter PC Advisor help forum...can anyone remember how to print out using Windows when using a program that was designed to print out to DOS? Thanks.

  Alan2 12:18 28 Oct 2003

Some time ago I needed to print a file that had been produced by window's "print to file" option and a post-it note I have as a reminder reads:-

Go into DOS and type:- COPY filename.prn lpt1 /b

So to use this you need to know the name of the file.


  Lozzy 12:21 28 Oct 2003

click here if your version of windows is XP or 2000

click here for windows 95

click here for Windows 98

You don't actually state your version of windows nor what printer your trying to print off. You will need I am sure specific printer drivers to print from DOS..

  Pesala 12:22 28 Oct 2003

He should be able to set the port on his printer that he is using in the DOS program to FILE instead of LPT1:

Then do:

copy filename LPT!:/b

But I don't see how that is any different to printing directly to LPT1:

Perhaps the problem is that you have no printer connected to LPT1: ? Nowadays most printers are connected to the USB port.

  kinger 12:35 28 Oct 2003

I feel that there is enough info here for Brother-in-law to sort the problem.

Again, many thanks for taking the time to reply.


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