DOS pgm's dongle running in XP??

  Danoh 00:33 05 Sep 2006

A friend of mine has an old DOS program which can only run if a dedicated "Dongle" is physically connected to a port.
It was created to run in a Windows 95 environment.

However, he can not get it to run in Windows XP at all.

Would anyone have any ideas how he can successfully run his DOS program paired with a access-Dongle, which I can pass on to him?

Many thanks in anticipation of your suggestions!

  ezypcy 01:53 05 Sep 2006

You will have to research it I'm afraid, see

click here

click here;en-us;Q301911

  ezypcy 01:56 05 Sep 2006

Sorry 2nd link did'nt pick up right but it is the
1st link given within the initial link!!!

  De Marcus™ 02:06 05 Sep 2006

2nd link click here

  Danoh 09:16 05 Sep 2006

Thanks ezypcy and De Marcus™!!
Sounds like he is better off keeping a 2nd PC running Windows 98SE if he wants to keep running that financial DOS program of his!

  Danoh 12:34 13 Sep 2006

Thanks again, ezypcy and De Marcus™.
No other suggestions so I'll tick the resolved box ~ not actually resolved but I got the answer as to why and maybe even how, for others.

  scales 14:11 13 Sep 2006

I have at long last managed to get some old DOS applications that were running under Windows 95 to work under XP. I ended up using Moslo to slow down the application so that it would work. It is running at something like 0.6% of the speed it would run under my XP machine... In fact I was so pleased to get it working I went and bought a Moslo licence (about £10) as a way of saying thank you. So back to topic, what errors are coming up?

  Danoh 22:19 18 Sep 2006

Sorry scales; should have left it unticked so I would get emailed notification!

He's abroad at the moment so I'll email him and come back with his reply... thanks for your patience and for posting in the first place!

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