DOS level long filename copy utility

  Lú-tzé 08:33 09 Aug 2003

Can anyone suggest a DOS level file copy program?

My PC will not boot with the slave disk in - it just clicks every few seconds and there seems [?] to be some problem with it. My backup cds are a couple of days old, so I have not lost much but would still like to take the data from the slave to the master if possible. I can get into DOS and access the disk from there but need a DOS program to copy the files.

I have seen xxcopy but think that it needs a windows enviornment to run while the 16bit version only uses 8.3 format names.

Any suggestions very welcome.

  Forum Editor 08:42 09 Aug 2003

should do it
click here

  Lú-tzé 08:52 09 Aug 2003

Thanks FE; I'll give it a go.

  Lú-tzé 10:29 09 Aug 2003

Thanks again FE; that got the data for me. Now to sort out the disk... a fujitsu of the type which was the subject of much discussion in these pages early last year and I thought that I had found a good one.

I'll try a format / fdisk and see where I get to; a new posting may follow.

  Lú-tzé 12:39 09 Aug 2003

Last point of note:

I took out the hdd and saw that it was covered in dust so got out my can of compressed air and give it a good cleaning. Thinking I had nothting to lose, I installed the hdd as slave again tried to boot - all fine since then... conicidence? - I don't know but all is well.

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