DOS files on 750Kb floppys.

  S5W 19:54 27 Oct 2004

An old and respected friend has presented me with ninety eight floppys containing ten years of cherished memories which she wants me to "keep for posterity". I intend to copy the contents onto a DVD RAM disk but I am stuck. The floppys were all filled on a Canon Starwriter Personal Publishing System using DOS of which I am ignorant. My XP computer does not recognize the disks. Apart from printing thousands of pages of text on the Starwriter, scanning and transferring that way has anyone any advice. I should very much like to present her with a disk of her memories to pass on to her children.

  keith-236785 20:12 27 Oct 2004

have you tried using notepad to view the contents?

it may be possible via dos to copy the files to your pc but they may be in a format that windows does not understand.

try opening the files through notepad or wordpad, maybe even microsoft office or msworks whatever you have available

if no joy i wil explain the DOS way but it isn't going to be easy.

as you still have the starwriter, maybe you could open the files on there and save them as text files rather than starwriter files.

have a go and come back if you dont have any luck

  Dorsai 20:30 27 Oct 2004

Even though the disks are 750 MB, a modern PC should still be able to see the files in a normal floppy drive. i would think. Floppy drives normally are backward compatable with older spec disks, of the same format.

Have you tried to read/see them on the star-writer? Could it be that the disks are duff?

It may be that the drive in your PC or the source machine is badly out of 'adjustment', resulting in your PC not being able to see files written else where, or the star-writer making disks that are unreadable on any other machine.

The first step is to 'see' the files. Once you can see them you can copy them. once you have them copied onto your PC, then you can try and get a file converter/filter so that the data in the file can be read into a different word processor.

but first, make sure there is somthing on the disks to start with, by trying them in the source machine.

  woodchip 20:35 27 Oct 2004

I think you will need a Win98 Comp with StarWriter

  woodchip 20:40 27 Oct 2004

This may help click here

  S5W 15:38 28 Oct 2004

Thank you all very much, I do apologize for the delay in answering I have to dip in here when I can. Now thanks to you all is revealed; my pc needed a change in the BIOS from 1.44Mb to 750Kb. I can now read them although text tends to merge but so far,12 disks into the job,everything is legible. My 'assistant' Mrs S5W is checking each floppy in the Starwriter and is up to forty odd with two so far unreadable; mechanical damage I think as they make grinding noises. Opening the files in wordpad makes no difference and I havent got microsoft office. Still, all's well that end well. It is very kind of you paperman27 to offer to explain DOS to me. After this episode I'll try to glean the knowledge from the web. I'm being a bit long winded because someone may have a similar problem in future.

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