DOS Drivers for HP/Brother/Samsung Printers

  Lucky Jim 11:15 17 Oct 2003

Hi all
I've inherited an ancient laptop at work which works in DOS (!?!?!) and has some work which needs to be printed off.
It appears that somebody has thrown out the old printer we used with it, so now I need to get DOS drivers for one of our other printers to work with it.
I have checked the manufacturers website of each printer we have but none appear to have DOS drivers. Is there a generic driver thatcan work with any printer within DOS?
The Models I have are:
HP LaserJet 6P
Brother HL1470N
Samsung ML-4500
We also have a HP LaserJet 2100 and 1200, but these are new so are less likely to have DOS drivers.

Any help or advice is much appreciated.


  smegs 12:50 17 Oct 2003

click here Not sure if this is for DOS. It's a driver for the Samsung ML-4500.

  smegs 12:52 17 Oct 2003

click here HP Drivers

  stlucia 13:01 17 Oct 2003

What format is the work in? An alternative solution might be to copy it to a modern machine, and import it into a Windows application.

  pj123 13:20 17 Oct 2003

I seem to remember that an HP Laserjet 4 or Epson LQ drivers (if you can find any) worked in DOS, but only in text mode. No graphics. stlucia might have the best solution, put the files on to a floppy disk and transfer to a PC and print from there?

  stlucia 13:34 17 Oct 2003

Epson LQ certainly ran from DOS, and I also remember that IBM Proprinter (I think that was the name) was a DOS printer that was emulated by many other manufacturers.

  pj123 14:13 17 Oct 2003

I have just been to click here and there are 4 printer drivers on there that may work. Go to the site and click on Login, When asked for ID type in drivers, and password all. Now select simple search in the left hand column and select printers... in the next box select Non Windows and type in ibm proprinter in the third box and click on search. There are two in there, DMP203 and IBM 2380.

  seedie 15:03 17 Oct 2003

Have you tried "type filename >prn" without the speech marks of course and hit enter

  Lucky Jim 15:09 17 Oct 2003

The work is in Works 3.0 so its pretty old.

I heard from someone that back in the dark ages of DOS that each program had a specific printer driver. Maybe this means I should try the Microsoft site?

  pj123 15:31 17 Oct 2003

Save the files on the laptop as .rtf files (Rich Text Format) and then transfer them to floppy disks. Any word processor can read .rtf files.

  Lucky Jim 16:49 17 Oct 2003

The main problem is that I'll be working onsite with these files and won't have another PC to transfer them to.

There are a lot of good suggestions to try out though, so maybe one of these will work.

I shall report back....

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