Dos and driver update problems

  Lee-262377 20:51 10 Sep 2004

Hi, I have upgraded to windows XP and my DVD rom drive (which is a Samsung SD-606F-SF13) no longer reads dvd formats. I have tried several sites and managed to download a new driver (from however it requires me to start from DOS mode which I don't seem to be able to do. The exact text of the help file is "-Unpack all files to a directory (eg Temp) and restart the computer in MSDos mode. (How do I do this?)
-go to the directory where you unpacked the files.
-Run the u.bat
-With "File" select "Open" and select the firmware. (what does this mean?)
-now you can go to flash and run the update. (how do I do this?)
-After the Firmware has been installed, exit the program and reboot your computer. This I might just be able to manage.
My knowledge of Dos is very limited Im afraid can anybody help me. Please!!!

  safemode 21:33 10 Sep 2004

you've downloaded a firmware update as opposed to a driver update.

although a firmware update is a good move i wouldn't trust driverguide to supply it. this is because if there's a prob eith the firmware or you have downloaded the incorrect version you could and most probably will render the drive useless.

try the samsung website.

[email protected]

  Lee-262377 23:58 10 Sep 2004

Hi, I was not aware that it was a different way of getting a driver, I have tried the samsung website but as my dvd drive is now about 4 years old it appears that samsung no longer provide any support for it. I tried to contact them but a required field was the product (which according to the site is non existent).
Any other ideas??

  THE TERMINATOR 01:56 11 Sep 2004

For you reference, XP does not have DOS....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 02:18 11 Sep 2004

What do you mean, does not read dvd formats. Is this because your software does not work with XP? If this is the case try running it in compatability mode. Right click the program(or it's shortcut)choose properties, and click on the compatability mode tab. Now click on enable this program and choose the o/s that the program ran under before you upgraded to XP, and click on Apply....TT

  Lee-262377 09:20 22 Sep 2004

It's not the software that's the problem, since upgrading from 98/me my DVD rom drive will no longer read dvd formats. If I insert a DVD disc into the reader it just comes up as showing no disc in the drive. I have tried the compatability with some of my dvd software but to no avail.
Any other ideas?

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