Dos based software

  jaypeaman 14:36 07 Feb 2005

I am trying to load a dos based accountancy software from 3 disks via the A drive. The pc is windows 2000 driven and when I access the A drive and click on the install.bat file (the main file of 15) it begins to work but then a command comes up that reads

System is not suitable for runnimg ms-dos and microsoft windows applications.

I have also tried it through a dos prompt on the desktop by trying


but the same happens. The software is on some of our other Windows 2000 machines, but rather than getting someone in to install it I was wondering whether you could help me. Thanks


  jack 14:50 07 Feb 2005

Win2000 like Win NT and currently XP are not DOS compatable. it is at the NT indicates

New Technology.

I am not sure about 200o the XP precursor but XP does offer a compatability check where older programs cam be checked out and if possible modified to run.
Not always successful.

Intiially therefor try this.

Go the My Computer, Click on Help/Index
and in the field type compatability.

If you get a response try it.

Otherwise go the the program makers web site if they still exsist and see if a NT/2000/XP version exists

  Sethhaniel 14:54 07 Feb 2005

with copy from c:\winnt\repair\autoexec.nt may be hidden - so unhide system files in explorer first -

  octal 15:22 07 Feb 2005

I've got two computers in the office here, neither has DOS installed. But one is formatted in FAT32 which you could put DOS on, the other is NTFS which there's no chance of putting DOS on. So I suspect the other machines that have that program on are FAT32 and the one you are trying is NTFS.

In case you're wondering, you can upgrade from FAT32 to NTFS, but its not backwards compatible from NTFS to FAT32.

  octal 15:26 07 Feb 2005

By the way, they are both Windows 2000.

  BurrWalnut 15:44 07 Feb 2005

I run DOS programs (dated 1986) in WinXP Pro and Home stored on an NTFS partition. The only problem I ever had was caused by the (new) wireless keyboard, which was a simple BIOS setting change.

Have you tried copying all the files from the floppies to the hard disk and running the batch install programs from there?

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