britannia310 20:05 02 May 2003

I have downloaded a revision for my BIOS and i need to know how to run it as it is a DOS file, never used DOS before!

  LastChip 20:12 02 May 2003

First the question you must ask yourself, is this really necessary?

  pj123 20:13 02 May 2003

What Operating System have you got?

  britannia310 20:20 02 May 2003

I need to update BIOS to install new cpu ,os is win2k pro

  LastChip 20:41 02 May 2003

There are many threads on here that relate to dead motherboards as the result of attempted BIOS flashes.

However, the flash has to be done in pure DOS. for a suitable boot disk, click here and look toward the bottom of the page.

Make absolutely sure, you have the CORRECT bin file for the flash along with the required program for performing the task, and read and re-read the instructions on your motherboard manufacturers web site. There are rarely any second chances with this. If you get it wrong, say by-by to your motherboard.

If your not familiar with DOS, you would be well advised to find a friend that is, and get help in carrying out the procedure.

For a tutorial on how it is done, click here

In spite of the warnings, IF it goes well, it is a simple procedure.

Good luck.

  hugh-265156 20:42 02 May 2003

first be very very sure you have the correct bios.then set up your computer to boot from a floppy first.this is done by going into your bios and setting the boot prioroty. the bios is normally flashed from a floppy disc.and its usually a case of once downloaded to the floppy the computer is restarted with the floppy in the drive.main thing is make sure its the correct bios for your pc and pray you dont have a power cut mid flash.its all fairly straightforward all the info carefully beforehand.

  pj123 22:25 02 May 2003

I am answering your email via the forum so that others can see.

I can't add anything to the responses you have already had as they are all good advice and would have been what I would have said anyway.


  VoG™ 22:32 02 May 2003

Do not do this unless you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing. This advice is based upon years of observing here and elsewhere that if things go wrong, they go wrong big time, i.e. puter will not boot. If in doubt take it to a shop and get it done there. I am being serious.

  H-J 23:32 02 May 2003

Years of experience have taught me many things about the bios, one of which I'm happy to pass on here. If it works ok, dont fix it! Short of a hand grenade, messing with bios upgrades is (just about) the only way you can pemanantly stuff your system.

Having said that, if you have read the postings this far and feel you still want to go ahead, then go for it! there are few experience like learning from an expensive mistake.


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