Dormant PC, refuses to it dead?

  lodger 14:27 29 May 2006

On switch on, I get no monitor, no hard drive, and just a green mains light showing.......I was trying to add some memory, what have I done!!!!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:32 29 May 2006

Have you tried to take the memory out?


  Totally-braindead 14:34 29 May 2006

Firstly keep calm, it is very unlikely you have broken anything. Check all the connections in case you've knocked loose a wire, you say you get a green mains light, do the fans inside go as well?

  DieSse 14:35 29 May 2006

Did you unplug it from the mains, or switch off at the mains - not just a normal shutdown?

Perhaps the new RAM is not fully inserted into it's socket.

Perhaps you've disturbed a cable or plug-in card.

Can you tell us exactly how you did the upgrade in detail pls.

  lodger 14:57 29 May 2006

the fans work ok, but nothing else hard drive sound or lights......however I do get something from the monitor as long I disconnect it from the graphics card first.......

  DieSse 15:03 29 May 2006

Take out the hew RAM - does it work now?

  Diemmess 15:37 29 May 2006

I think the video card is not seated properly (or much less likely has failed)

If the video connection is undone, usually the monitor will show "No signal" and just go into hibernation.

But if the video card is slightly displaced, there may/may not be bleeps but just nothing else happens at all.

  lodger 17:47 30 May 2006

monitor ok, hd ok........i may have to replace motherboard........anyone done that?

  lodger 12:30 22 Jul 2006

putting the memory card in wrong way round blew the, a sadder but wiser chap, I got an excellent reconditioned P3 866MHz pc with graphics /sound card /usb/ cd for only £59 :)

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