Doom Collectors Edition

  keef66 13:01 08 Jan 2007

Not so much a request for help, but a solution in case anyone needs it.

I used to play the original shareware version of Doom over a network at work in the early 90's. It's hard to describe the pleasure to be derived from taking the finance director's head off with a chainsaw.

Anyway, I thought I'd indulge in a bit of nostalgia, and bought this bargain game.

Major disappointment when I found there was no way of getting the mouse to work under Win XP SP2. I'm getting on a bit now, and I'm not well coordinated enough to navigate / shoot / look etc all at the same time using just the keyboard.

After a bit of Googling I found and downloaded Doom Legacy, which allows me to use the mouse perfectly. The kids don't understand how I can enjoy a game with such basic graphics, but I'm now as happy as a pig in poo!

  terryf 13:03 08 Jan 2007

Pigs are clean animals and while relishing getting muddy when hot, will actually use a corner of their sty to defecate. However, we all ubderstand your sentiments.
Tick if complete

  keef66 13:17 08 Jan 2007

Just a figure of speech. Don't get me wrong, the pig is one of my favourite animals, and I wasn't wishing to malign them in any way.

Ticked since it was resolved before I started typing

  [email protected] 13:37 08 Jan 2007

i have most of the latest games and every console known to man, and yet i still get my atari st out after the pub for a few hours on sensible soccer and micro machines with the boys!
a lot of modern games have replaced playabilty with grahics and effects a little over engineered, maybe im getting on a bit too!

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