doom 3

  hatchey 09:41 18 Aug 2004

just bought doom 3 i have a pent 4 ,, 2.8 with agforce 5200 and its not runing to well ant ideas

  Urotsukidoji 11:01 18 Aug 2004

1 drivers for card
2 direct x - latest version.
3 lower res, effects etc
4 new gfx card lol :)

  wags 13:40 18 Aug 2004

Toms Hardware recently tested a batch of graphics cards with Doom 3. Unfortunately, it does not make good reading for you:

'with Geforce FX 5200u...smooth gameplay is impossible, even at 800x600 low quality settings...'

I assume that your card is the 'non-ultra' version, so it'll be even worse Im afraid.

click here for full review and advice as to which card to upgrade to.

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