Don't upload a FrontPage site

  Forum Editor 13:56 22 Apr 2006

via your FTP software - do it from within FrontPage itself. Presumably the FrontPage extensions are enabled on your Webmania hosting package?

FrontPage needs to create special files on the server to make the site work, and it will do this when you select the publish option from the file menu.

Access your server space with your FTP prgram and delete all the files you uploaded. Then open the site in FrontPage, go to 'File' and select 'publish site'. Then select the option to publish to a server with FrontPage or Sharepoint services, enter the relevant server and login details, and publish the site.

Make sure that you also publish the site to your hard drive, and always save to this location before publishing to the server. Always work on the hard drive version, rather than the server version, otherwise one day you'll forget which version you last edited, and you'll overwrite the server version with an earlier version from your hard drive.

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