Dont understand Dual boot and partition

  Xubuntu1121 12:52 12 Sep 2017

Help i want to dual boot remixOS android on my windows, but it already has 4 partition (system, recovery, Windows 10 C:, and my data partition), i read that OS need an empty partition so does i need to move all my data to C: and use one for RemixOS or can i create more partition for it?

  Jollyjohn 13:34 12 Sep 2017

A basic MBR (Master Boot Record) hard drive can only have four primary partitions.

A newer GPT (GUID Partition Table) hard drive can have multiple primary partitions. Your motherboard will need to support this and you will need to wipe your hard drive and start from scratch to change.

I would suggest putting a second hard drive into the PC and install remixOS onto it.

  Xubuntu1121 22:30 12 Sep 2017

Ihear about extended partition, can i use this?. I using a laptop so i can't use second hard drive.


  alanrwood 09:03 13 Sep 2017

You can convert a primary partition which is not being used for an operating system to a logical partition to enable you to stay within the 4 allowed primary partitions.

  Jollyjohn 11:47 13 Sep 2017

You could convert your data partition to an Extended partition. In the Extended partition you can create Logical Partitions - see here click here - Ensure you have backed up your data before you start.

  Jollyjohn 16:53 16 Sep 2017

Do you have an SD card slot on the laptop? If so you could put RemixOS on the SD card and use BIOS boot option to dual boot.

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