Dont Shoot Me But

  The Paul 00:07 30 Sep 2003

I took the top 4 threads about 10 minutes ago a searched for results of other older threads to see if there was any close, or even close, matches. Out of the top 4 I got matches for 3. I admit that some might be a bit hit and miss and maybe no use, but some were spot on. It got me thinking.

I just wondered how much initial research is done prior to whacking out a thread. Maybe FE and PCA should make a bigger play on researching prior to posting a new thread.

Personally, I have resolved 3 issues over the past week or so regarding WinME and memory problems by searching the older threads.

Just a thought. Night all.

  The Paul 00:29 30 Sep 2003

Im dead then. Thanks Chegs ® and good shot.

  Forum Editor 00:33 30 Sep 2003

but a goodie, nevertheless.

We also wish that people would take a look at the archive before posting, but............We wouldn't want to deter anyone from seeking a bespoke answer to their question.

  The Paul 00:41 30 Sep 2003

I agree totally. The whole idea is that our members get a fix for their problem.

My point was that there may be a wee need for edumication - so to speek.

I guess that a lot of these members posting dont actually realise that the search facility is available and how well it can work. As I said, i resolved 3 problems recently. Perhaps we could promote the search facility better on the site.

Typical - some twit thinks of an idea that will give guys hours of work. Sorreeeeeeee. Paul

  spuds 00:59 30 Sep 2003

Recently we have had a number of similar posting on how to get rid of spam, or what programmes are available to download etc. The same thing applies to spyware downloads.As mentioned above, a search will render quite a lot of information.I think the problem via a search, is that quite a number of newcomers are unaware of this facilty, or perhaps are a little confused of its actual workings.

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