Dont overlook the bl...... obvious!!!

  TIMBO22 15:43 28 Jan 2006

Not a query, but just a reflection. I've just spent about a month trying to set Netgear router & other WiFi gear up, and have finally sussed out that the ISP user name was not what I thought it was!!. I know I should have checked at an earlier stage, but had a bad case of ' I think I know what I'm doing here, I won't read the instructions in great detail and I'll make it up as I go along!!' My advice with 20/20
hindsight is 'Get all the paperwork that came from your ISP and kit manufacturers, READ IT a couple of times and then try to set the gear up.
Hope this gives someone a decent stear

  hzhzhz 18:50 28 Jan 2006

Next time use a better bl..... title.

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