Don't know what's the problem...

  Serialmania 04:07 06 Dec 2014

Hello. I hope this is not a wrong place for this post. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have an old pc. My monitor work fine but whenever I turn on my Pc the monitor don't display any picture? The monitor just keep blinking but the screen remain black like it's on standby What wrong with it? Thanks...

  SparkyJack 08:06 06 Dec 2014

Disconnect the cable from computer to monitor ,check that no pins are bent.

Reconnect and report result back here.

  Serialmania 10:19 06 Dec 2014

Still no pictures display. Any idea what wrong with it?...

  spuds 11:25 06 Dec 2014

It can be a number of things, which could cost you more to resolve, repair or replace, if the computer set-up is as old as you seem to state.

Try a new cable, if you can see no damage at the connection point to the monitor or computer, because the cable might be the problem. They are not very dear from eBay.

Would a new and latest specification computer with monitor be out of the question, considering how cheap they have become nowadays.

  iscanut 11:39 06 Dec 2014

If it's not the cable, it could be the graphics card is faulty unless you have on board graphics. Let us know what type of graphics set up you have and also the operating system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 06 Dec 2014
  1. have you tried the monitor on another PC or laptop?

  2. if it works OK on another PC then it may need the graphics card removing and refitting to remake the contacts and retry.

  3. have you tired connecting the PC to another monitor or flatscreen TV? If still no good then looks like graphics card failure

  Serialmania 03:09 07 Dec 2014

Ok I have 2 PC. 1 is old not working and 1 is new working. I have tried on both working monitor the old pc display no picture when power on. I tried it with graphic card and without graphic card still no picture. All I know I have motherboard model Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L. My OS Windows 8.1. My hard drive confirm working. Please help thanks...

  mole1944 05:30 07 Dec 2014

A word of warning if you are going to check leads switch everything of as doing lead checks "live" could cause a short and phut equipment damaged.If you have on board graphics try reinstalling them,and if you have a separate card switch everything off and unseat then reseat it (earth yourself against static). Also check for bent pins on your cables,not as uncommon as you'd think.

  Serialmania 05:47 07 Dec 2014

How to install onboard graphics? My pc don't display any picture when power on...

  Serialmania 05:54 07 Dec 2014

I have another spare motherboard Foxconn HBi ML94V-0 E2533117. Don't know if it's working or not. CPU E2160 Pentium dual core. Does Ram Kingston BKMK 1630918 work on it? Is it similar to Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L?

  Serialmania 06:27 07 Dec 2014

Is it possible not to put any cpu fan?

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